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The compound I created allows to realize rubbery decorations, prints and paintings and completely edible part of the decorations for pastries.
You get to mix food ingredients, and completely edible, FREE gluten and extremely safe.
You can get elastic and folding sheets if spread on the host printed sheets, white or painted to be used to realize a variety of decorative elements.

Once dry the sheet of wafer, Artgel, it may be removed and you will get so a thin film gloss by an other towards and opaque. The matte effect you can get also dabbing a bit of cornstarch on ArtGel. The compound has a chewy and may be effect flavored and colored a will.

If spilled on sheets when dry Sugar, pasta (on average, it takes a few minutes) can be removed from the holder and used to come decoration rubbery, can be cut and trimmed with scissors or cutter to create for example outfits for 3D modeled subject.
Artgel may be cut and also used to decorate marshmallow, cakes or pasta parties in modeling in 3D,

To obtain ArtGel, one must simply dissolve on heat source or microwave preferred the quantity of product and pour it into molds, of silicone mats or other edible substrates come explained above. After a few minutes the mixture solidifies, to speed account process you place in refrigerator.

The advantage of using ArtGel, respect common decorations and wafer sheets printed or dry suga, involves in the that is not afraid of moisture, and resistant and elastic, it keeps perfectly without color fringing in prints and paintings and nia and fast and easy to use.
It can also be flavored to taste.
All features important for the sector operators.